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This is another one of those tips I got Perry Marshall.  When he first asked the question, it seemed obvious  I’m good at SAP, particularly Service Management and Variant Configuration.  That was easy…  but he gave us a homework assignment.  He said email 7 people that know you very well, it’s best if they’ve known you for at least 5 years.  And said, ask them 2 questions:

What is my unique capability?

What do I naturally do better than most people?

So, I did it.  Wow, was I surprised and flattered at the answers I got.  While some of my friends told me I was good at SAP, it was my friends that focused more on my general talents.  They tended to tell me things like ability to focus, drive projects to conclusion, simplify the complex, translate the function to technical.  Now, when I look back at my career, I can see all of these skills in myself.  More importantly, when I started to look at the list of things my friends said about me, in general, these are the things I really enjoy doing.

For example, I love problem solving.  I love finding clever solutions to keep things generic, but still meet the needs.  Those are also the times I find myself in a state of flow…

So, if you’re anything like me, you might take for granted what your true skills are.  More importantly, those skills are where you start to make the $1000/hr.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m good at the minor book keeping, and I’m trying my best to learn this marketing stuff.  But I also know it’s not what I’m best yet…  but, if I can take some of the things my friends told me, I might be able to apply those to new skills that will truly launch my business.  If you’re serious about taking yourself to the next level, you need to do this exercise.

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