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I heard an interesting tidbit of information at Sapphire this year.  Namely, that SAP is looking to phase out service management as we know it, and replace it with some sort of hybrid between S/4 and CRM.  The concept that I heard is that they are looking to leverage the multiple database features of HANA to have both systems live on the same database.  This would eliminate replication of data and allow them to pick of a “best of breed”.  For example, they could take the best of CRM and have it live side by side with the best of ERP.  I would guess that using the CRM SD portions for order management along with a seemless mix of the PM portions within S/4.  It’s all a wait and see game.  The below blog is a little old, but seems to speak to the same sort of approach.

Unfortunately, I’ve been able to find little else in this thread online.  So I guess it’s a wait and see game.  My professional opinion is that it will still be a long time out before we see a solution any different than was introduced back in 4.6~4.7 days.  Even S/4 1610 offers no changes from the original service management concept.  Perhaps SAP is looking to finally update the process, but it all remains to be seen.  And since service is not S/4 Cloud or Leonardo, it will still take the back seat for a little longer.

Have you you heard any more details on this?  Would love to learn more.

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