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Well, I’m back in this never ending battle with the network.  I’m trying to run two systems off the same box.  I have plenty of horsepower, but for some reason, when I fire up both machines, the external connection becomes VERY slow.  I’m still trying to figure out exactly what’s going on…  but let’s start with one of my latest revelations when dealing with networking to my virtual machines.

I was originally having a challenge with connecting to my systems.  Often it would take 3 & 4 times to get connected to my SAP systems.  What I found is that within my AT&T network configuration is that to get a consistent connection, I needed to add the SAP port numbers to the static IP address, rather than the machine address that I was originally doing.

Now this works great, until I attempt to run 2 machines at the same time.  So, I’m back on the detective hunt to determine what happened…  if you have any suggestions, I’d love to hear them 🙂

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