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How valuable would it be for you to have your field technicians send you their expense reports directly from a Ipad or their phone?  After being at SAPPHIRE, and realizing that a chunk of the keynote presentation was dedicated to Concurr (SAP’s newest way to handle expense reports), made me wonder how valuable this would be in the service world.  We’ve had an idea for quite a while, and I wanted to float it out there, and see if there was any interest in a solution that handles this for the field service technicians.

Now the idea is that in many organizations I’ve worked at, field techs fills out a paper form and send it to finance or someone else to approve, then ultimately finance can charge those costs to the service order.  Would it be valuable to provide an expense entry either in SAP (or on a mobile app) that would allow your technicians to enter in their expenses, and take a picture of the receipt (if required).  This would send a message to the supervisor.  They would review the expense report, and it would be automatically charged to the service order.  Mostly likely, it would also need a printout, so it could be turned into payroll or whoever pays the expenses.

Is this something useful?  are their pieces that would need to be added?  I’d love to hear you thoughts.

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