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Here’s a fun little tidbit.  I was building a new screen, and I needed to add a pull down (you’ll see more of this in some future posts. )  I wanted to a build a dropdown list for characteristic values from a VC configuration.  Well, I needed to start simple, first I wanted an easy way to get all the characteristic values and their descriptions.  I found this line little function module that does just that.  It’s not exciting, but it sure is convenient.

lv_pppi_char = WA_CSTICS-ATNAM.
pppi_char                    = lv_pppi_char
helpvalues                   = lt_helpvalues
values_for_field             = lt_values_for_field
characteristic_not_valid     = 1
values_can_not_be_determined = 2
no_authority                 = 3
OTHERS                       = 4.

And that’s the first step I needed to accomplish to build my dropdown list for characteristic values.  Tomorrow I’ll talk about how to do nice popup box for the dropdown list.

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