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Well, I recently did the cutover from our development site to our new and improved site for JaveLLin Solutions.  Like I mentioned last time, Optimize Press certainly added a new level of difficulty to this task.  Now, thanks to a little book I bought a couple years ago, called WPClone, I can take an existing site and make a duplicate of it.  Last time around, I was able to make it work with a minimal effort.  There’s always the ramp up, because…  well, I don’t do this very often (thanks god).

So, I followed all the steps, everything was going fine (expect for my network issues throughout the day.  Thanks AT&T).  So I got everything going, I went to test the new site.  The home page worked fine, but every link kept going back to the test site.  After some digging, I found that I needed to not only update the DB_NAME, but I had defined the site at the bottom of the wp-config.php file.  So I had to manually edit this, and then things started working again.  Except….

The nice header that my partner put together didn’t come across for any of the pages.  UGH!  So I spent the afternoon manually adding the logo and color to each page.  What a pain.  Of course, I needed to go through and check all the links (since some of them were also hard coded to the test site).  Nothing too terrible, but it sure would’ve been nice to have someone else take care of this.  I did a post a while back talking about hiring someone hourly to do a job for you…  Again, for the money we spent for someone else to learn on the job, we could’ve had someone else deal with this headache for me…  Oh well, being a small business guy, it’s good to learn how to do this for myself 🙂

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