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As I work to develop my plan for my software business going forward, I suddenly find the need to do all these little (and not so little) clean up projects.  It’s partially procrastination, I can recognize that much.  But I also find that it is a kind of a symbolic thing in my own mind to consolidate everything into a single place.

Currently I’m working with my business partner to transition the entire software business over to just me.  This requires more headaches than I originally expected.  There are the legal ramifications, like the the business address, owner, etc.  There are the financial details like bank accounts, upcoming bills, and just general budget constraints, then there is software side of things.  I believe I mentioned it a while back, but I found that I made life hard on myself a while ago creating a lot of SAP “namespaces” for all the different software packages I designed.  Well, this turned out to be inefficient because it restricted me from good code reuse, and also just makes life more difficult in the general design path.  I spent a bunch of time last week, literally copying everything over to a single namespace (‘JVS’).  This is one of those activities that certainly wasn’t required…  but in some ways it turned out to be necessary to my own mental health.  It was sort of relaxing to just be able to focus on a mindless task for a few hours a night, and know at the end that now everything is under one umbrella for the software, as well as for the business.  It helped me relax and gain a little perspective on going forward.  It also helps put my “stamp” on it, so to say, that things have just evolved again.

So I guess my point today is that sometimes it’s good to bring things together, and the symbolic gesture of it can be helpful for the soul.

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