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Finally, the last professional you should consider finding is a lawyer. Depending on your business model, you may be dealing with a lot of contracts, agreements, perhaps copyright agreements, etc. Unless you are very familiar with reading legalese, I recommend getting someone that explain the ins and out very carefully. In the consulting world, everything is about a contract for a period of time. Those contracts pretty define what you can and can’t for the length of the contract, as well as possibly for a period of time after the contract. I’ll have a separate post later on explaining some of the things to watch out for in contracts. A lawyer can look these over pretty quickly and let you know what you should consider revising or not accepting in any contract. I’ve found that every organization is different that I’ve worked for, and so is there wording in the contract. Also, if you’re planning on producing or selling any type of products, a lawyer will be able to advise you on exactly what you need to file to protect yourself. It could a terms and conditions of any sale, it could be a disclosure about the product you’re selling and what you are liable for, or it could be just to protect yourself if you do end up being sued for anything. I haven’t used my lawyer a whole lot, but it in nice to know he’s there when I need him.

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