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Now, this is an obscure, so no idea if anyone else has had to do this, but I just had a situation where a multiple value characteristic started off as free text only and the client needed to change it to define the values.  I thought this would be a simple exercise, however I quickly found out a few things.  If your characteristic is in use and you choose not to check the additional values box, then it’s all or nothing before you can save.  That means you need to track down every value that was entered for you multiple value characteristic and give it a value in CT04.
Now, I went through the where used and thought I found every value that I had used.  Well, I was wrong.  So, after spending a little time in debug, I found the following trick.  If you place a breakpoint in the following area, you

Include: LCTMVF2I


If you place a breakpoint here, and look right after this function, you’ll see a couple of error lines.  If you look at the value of  sy-msgv1, you’ll see the value that is missing in your characteristic.  Now, this is probably an iterative process to get everything, but this will help to prevent you from wasting too much time looking for one specific value to add to your characteristic.

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