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I recently ran into this while designing a configuration screen for our Proximity application.  This is something that I didn’t find anything about online, so either I looked in the wrong place, or maybe I’m the only one crazy enough to try this :).  Anyway, in the course of screen design I have a rather large subscreen, that contains a lot of radio buttons, a couple table controls and bunch of input fields.  You get the idea.  Well, as I was nearing the end of the screen, I start seeing some strange behavior, so that’s what I wanted to talk about today.  So if you’re designing a large screen and you see anything strange, keep this post in mind.  Now, keep in mind, this is my SAP ERP 6.0 SR3 system and I don’t have the latest basis release, so this might be something I could fix through basis, but who knows.

1.  RUNT_ILLEGAL_SWITCH short dump.  It’s interesting because the screen compiles just fine, but as soon as you go to execute the screen you see this dump.

2.  Radio button groups start asking strangely.  What I started seeing is that my radio button group that was set to include 2 or 4 buttons, suddenly is grouped around another set of radio buttons, 20 lines above this one (that’s how I can tell it wasn’t just my fat fingers) ha ha ha.

3.  Really long compile times.  If your subscreen starts taking around a minute or longer to compile, this might be another clue that your screen is getting too big.

4.  Your elements just start behaving strangely.  I ran into my table controls suddenly stopped scrolling.  It was populated, but I could only get to the first page.  This one drove me nuts for a couple hours last night.

If you see any of these suddenly start happening, go ahead and just remove a chunk of elements.  The trick that I use is that I “Cut” them out of the screen (leave them in memory) and then compile.  If things start working again, you have too many elements.  So then I paste the elements back in and narrow down how many elements are driving it over the edge.  You really have 2 options, 1 just strip out enough fields that everything will compile properly again or you will have to create another tab/screen/subscreen to handle a chunk of the elements so that you can simplify.

if anyone else has seen this, let me know, I’d be curious, and also if you found any other ways to correct the issue.  As always, I hope this helps.


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