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Well, completely by accident, a friend of mine taught me a cool new trick.  There is a standard way to change data type descriptions of standard SAP fields without doing any sort of core mods.  It’s all built right into transaction CMOD, and I never knew it was available.  I truly learn something new about SAP all the time.  So, here goes…  go to transaction CMOD, then use the following menu path:
Goto–>Text Enhancements–>Keywords–>Change


Next, select the data element you want to change the description.


I picked MVGR4 for an example.


Now update any descriptions you want to change.  Save it, and attach it to a transport.  You’re done.

Take a look at what happens in VA02 for this field now:


Pretty cool, and pretty easy.

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3 thoughts on “ABAP – Changing SAP Data Type Descriptions

  1. Very cool trick Mike. Looks like you can also tie it to a screen. Very useful for renaming the standard customer attributes on XD02 “additional data”.

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