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Like I mentioned yesterday, we have a potential sale, if we can make WMigo work in a 4.6C system.  Sounds easy, right?  Well, it’s all part of my latest adventure.  First I had to figure out a way to convert my 6.0 Unicode system transport to go to 4.6C.  Check my post from yesterday if you want to know more about that.  Now, back to my story.  After overcoming the obstacle of getting the 4.6C system to accept my transport then I started to find code issues.  It turns out that a system more than 10 years old doesn’t have all the tools that I”m used to.  Today I want to talk about some of the 4.6C code differences I’m experiencing.

1.  Line length has a max of 72.  sounds simple, but I had about 20 + errors just on this.  When you get the nice word wrap type features, you don’t notice when you get to 75 or 80 chars, but it just rolls onto the next line.  Simple fix, but still a fix.

2.  is not INITIAL doesn’t work in 4.6C.  Instead, you need to change it to NOT <variable> is INITIAL.  it’s subtle, but again, I had a lot of instances that needed to change.

3.  some methods have changed parameters.  on_data_changed for example did not have the parameter e_ucomm.

4.  some methods need to be called “differently”.  for example: cl_gui_cfw=>set_new_ok_code( new_code = ‘OK’ ), needs to be
CALL METHOD cl_gui_cfw=>set_new_ok_code
new_code = ‘OK’.
subtle, but necessary if you want to run in 4.6C

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