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I’m pretty excited right now. A couple months ago, I completed Broadsword: SM Dashboard, an SAP Dashboard. I took my own advise this time around and designed something that some of my previous clients specifically asked for. It helps because I know the process so well, that I came up with all the scenarios I’ve seen throughout my career.
It’s pretty awesome because I was able to learn several new skills building this product (I’ll post more about those in some future posts) and more importantly, I actually have interested parties in this tool. Like everything else, I need a starting point, and once I have several clients running the tool effectively, that should open the door to future sales. Anyway, things are getting exciting, and between the new products I’m developing and joint venture with DMS I feel like my business is about to take off…

As always, thanks for reading and don't forget to check out our SAP Service Management Products at my other company JaveLLin Solutions,

2 thoughts on “My 2nd Real Product – Service Dashboard

  1. Hi Mike

    I saw the dashboard program Broadsword (not sure how you came up with that name..:)) on the youtube. Its pretty neat and I am sure lots of companies with an aftermarket business would be interested in this tool. I myself have run into this kind of requirements at my previous clients..and I can understand what a complex thing it is to come up with one sophisticated T-Code like this. Its like a one stop shop for entire service business. BTW do you program by urself (Write ABAP codes)

    I like your blog and I wish you all the best with the new venture.

    Keep up the good work.

    1. Hi Bryan,
      I’m really glad to hear from you. I did do all the programming myself. I’m sort of a hybrid consultant, I’m functional, but I really like programming. So this ended up being a perfect combination for me.
      Just an FYI, to help me get off the ground, I’m offering $10,000 to anyone that refers me to a sale. So if you happen to have any contacts out there that you could me in touch in, as soon as I get paid, you’d get $10k. No selling, no strings. I’m looking to get my name out there, so just keep it mind.
      Most of all, thanks for reading. It’s nice to know some people are reading this stuff 🙂

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