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Well, there are some things I take for granted, and that’s how easy things seem to be inside of standard ABAP programming.  I come realize this whenever I try to do one of these “simple” activities in Web Dynpro.  Take today’s adventure.  I had some select-option fields, and I just wanted to default a value in there.  Sounds so easy.  And eventually it was.  here’s what I finally found.

I had a select option for ERDAT (creation date).  I’m not going to go into the select option creation.  I think I talked about that a while ago, so just search my blog if you need more info.  SERDAT is the ID of my option that I want to default a value for.

DATA lo_nd_range_erdat TYPE REF TO if_wd_context_node.
DATA lt_range_erdat TYPE wd_this->Elements_range_erdat.
DATA ls_range_erdat TYPE wd_this->Element_range_erdat.
*** here’s the magic ***


*** end the magic ***

*** this code is just setting the value back to my context node.
* navigate from <CONTEXT> to <RANGE_ERDAT> via lead selection
lo_nd_range_erdat wd_context->get_child_nodename wd_this->wdctx_range_erdat ).
ls_range_erdatsign ‘I’.
ls_range_erdatoption ‘BT’.
ls_range_erdathigh sydatum.
ls_range_erdatlow sydatum 30.
APPEND ls_range_erdat to lt_range_erdat.
lo_nd_range_erdat->bind_tablenew_items lt_range_erdat set_initial_elements abap_true ).
*** back to the default ***
*** notice I needed to set the value to the DATA field symbol.
APPEND ls_range_erdat to <LT_RANGE_ERDAT>.

*** end the default code


I hope you can find a use for this,
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