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On my latest project, I got introduced to a new piece of software. It’s called Trello. It’s a rather simple simple, but it lets you quickly setup tasks into columns. Then you can quickly drag and drop the tasks for column to column. The beauty of it is that multiple can all move the task around. It keeps a record of everything that anyone did to the task. The way we are using it on this project is to track tasks that are open, in progress, on-hold or completed. This particular project has a large amount of master data that needs to be loaded. Since I’m the team lead, I needed an easy way to monitor what was being done and by whom. I highly recommend Trello.
Anyway, this one is just a quick post, but hopefully still useful.
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  1. Interesting… Always looking for better ways to manage and communicate tasks with the team. I’ll have to try this one out. My one hangup is that I really don’t trust these guys that keep building “businesses” with no clear revenue model. They start off free, change to a not free model, piss everybody off, and then drop off the map again. But for now at least, “free” is in my price range … so it’s worth a look. Thanks for the heads up.

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