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I recently read an email from my new marketing guru, Perry Marshall, and he put out a very simple question.  This question really made me stop and think.  The question was are you thinking or are you working?  Initially, it seemed like a pretty simple answer, I’m problem solving, I’m answering questions, I’m typing a blog…  of course I’m thinking…  Right???  But he then went on to explain that thinking…  real thinking, isn’t the day to day minutia that I get bogged down on.  Just because I’m using my brain, doesn’t mean I’m thinking…

Thinking is when you’re really coming up great ideas.  it could be next big application, or a way to find really qualified prospects that I never figured out before.  So, this is the real magic of the business.  Now, don’t get me wrong, the day to day thinking is required, but the more time you can spend doing the important thinking, the better your business can succeed.

Perry’s example was the great ideas he comes up with when he’s not thinking about working.  Vacation, taking a bike ride, etc…  Now what hit me is the power of this.  And it really is true.  All of my best ideas have hit me when I’m not thinking about work.  i’ve had some great ideas sitting on the airplane, or reading a book on the beach.  The problem is that I don’t spend much time away from work.  So, the blinding truth that struck me is that I don’t spend enough time away from work.  Thus, I’m spending all my brain power doing the $10/hr work, instead of the $1000/hr work that i need to be doing.

So, with all of this, are you thinking or are you working???

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