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Cloning a WordPress Website

Hello again, the past few days I’ve been working pretty hard on getting things setup for the new website.  Being the CTO means that I should probably be able to handle little things like a website.  If you’re been following me, “and judging by the attendance, you haven’t”, you’ll know that I recently had this site redone.  I worked with a guy, Ben Fitts, that I would highly recommend.  Well, I spent a bunch of money to launch that site, and My partner Mike said he also liked it, so why not use it again for JaveLLin Solutions.  In my head, it sounded like a simple task.  I’ll just take my paper street website, copy it over to JaveLLin, and rebrand it.  I’ll give you time to time to stop laughing.

Well, as any good newbie would do, I went to the web and started searching.  It wasn’t long before I found a several pieces of software offering to do this.  I looked at the price tag, and it was $100.  I only needed to do this one time, so I kept digging.  I finally found someone that did the smart thing.  They found out how to do it, added some screen shots, and then sold it for $15.  I bought it.  The instructions were good, and pictures clear, and it was as easy as 8 simple steps…  “mostly”.

My first challenge was using a poor hosting site.  For those of you looking for a hosting site, take my advice and avoid Fatcow.  For a long time, they were good enough for me.  But as soon as I started to up my game, I quickly discovered that all of the stuff they offer is out of date.  I can’t updated to latest wordpress, or database, the blog platform was aweful, and the help desk was substandard.  Short story, I’m cancelling my account there.  Hostgator has been great and i would highly recommend using them.  Reasonably priced, and great service.

Anyway, after playing with my site on Fatcow and not figuring out what I did wrong (this took about 2.5 days), I finally decided to make a new domain on my existing hostgator account.  Almost instantly, the cloned site worked.  However, since Ben set me up with a login and protected area to download files, I had to completely reconfigure that.  Not rocket science, but it was time consuming.  However, I’m excited, because the new site is up and running and seems to be great.  One of my next challenges will be adding all the information for Proximity (our newest product).  Adding pages is easy, but coming up with graphics that looks good… well, that will be a learning exerpience again…

Anyway, that’s why you have me…  I learn things the hard way, so you don’t have to…