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Unique Selling Proposition – USP

Today’s post is again, more on the business side, and not focused on SAP.  I’m big on learning, and trying to make myself better.  lately, I’ve been focusing a lot on sales and marketing, because that is where I’m the weakest.  I recently joined up to a training called the Remarkable Marketing Blueprint.  Sounds like exactly what I need.  The basics behind this is that every week you get a some MP3 files, some pdf’s and the instructor helps give you the map to effective marketing.  Like everything, you have to actually do it, if want the results.  Week 1 had 2 focal points, the first I’m going to talk about today.  It’s the Unique Selling Proposition, or USP for short.  The concept behind it is very simple.  Why should someone buy from me rather than someone else (or buy nothing at all).  Since I’m in the midst of creating a new joint venture, it seemed like the right time to start solidifying this stuff.  Afterall, it makes perfect sense.  If I can’t verbalize why someone should buy our products, why would they bother to buy from me.

Now, I still haven’t come up with my final piece, but I have narrowed down a lot of reasons why my applications should be purchased.  If anyone out there has some thoughts…  or can even give me a different spin on this, please post a comment.  I welcome an outside opinion.

Why is Paper Street Enterprises, and soon to be JaveLLin Solutions the place to buy SAP Add-in’s?
1.  Industry experience.  I’ve worked at or consulted to 12 different companies, all with their own flavor of service management (many also encompassing Variant Config, my other specialty).  I believe my partner Mike is in the same ballpark on the PP side of the house.
2.  Not only have we implemented the solutions, we design them.  I have a special combination of skills that allows me to not only see the problem, but I can define it and solve it using ABAP.
3.  We design the best of breed, or best practice solutions out of the box.  No more painful design cycles.  We give you the tools to improve your business today, not 3 months from now.  Sure, you could hire a developer to do what we’ve done, but you also need to think through all the scenarios we’ve already factored into our tools.  In addition, we can provide updates for any issues encountered by any of our clients…  so your software purchased from us will mostly like cover any processes you have, if not, we can add it.
4.  We are small and nimble.  We can quickly react to the needs of our customers.  If you need a solution that we don’t currently offer, and it looks like it could be a useful tool for other companies, we can quickly change directions and design.

These are really the big things that make us special.  NOW…  how do we work that down into a sentence or two?  I’m still working through that…  the good news is, we know why we’re special.  We just need to get some customers to prove it…

As always, learning things the hard way, so you don’t have to.