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Variant Configuration – Pricing Descriptions of variant conditions using VK30

Just a short one for today =)  here’s a little trick for anyone new to variant configuration pricing.  When you use VA00 (or something similar) for your variant conditions the business sees your cryptic variant condition names.  if you go into transaction VK30, you can give it a a more meaningful name that will show up on the sales orders.  The one drawback is that you cannot have different descriptions by language.  Regardless, this will still allow you to provide a little more meaningful description to your sales order entry group.

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Variant Configuration – Pricing dependency Group

If you’ve been doing VC for a while, you might remember the days when nothing worked without an OSS note, performance was terrible, and it took discipline to build a model that would work for sales and manufacturing.  I remember those days fondly.  Well, pricing was no different.  That’s why I wanted to put this quick tip out there for you.  If you do variant pricing, a way to improve your performance is using the dependency group :  SAP_PRICNG  (no, I didn’t misspell pricing.  ha ha ha).  You simply need to add this into configuration.
SPRO–>Logistics General–>Variant Configuration–>Dependencies–>Define Groups

Once you add this dependency group, be sure to add this to all of your pricing object dependencies.  What this will do is it will only fire the dependency if you call for pricing.  Of course, this will depend on your configuration profile settings as well, but it does give you the opportunity to improve your performance.
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As always, if you need any help in Variant Configuration or you are looking for some great applications to make your SAP life easier, please let me know.