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Variant Configuration – Value Comparison

Now, this topic is related to my last post.  Specifically, when you have a material variant that you need to transfer the stock from a return.  Often there are characteristics that should not be included when you are doing a value comparison of a configuration for a material variant or a serial number.  An example of this is a reference characteristic.

However, there can be other characteristics that are based on a reference characteristic that should also be ignored when you are attaching a serial number or performing type matching.  In order to set any characteristic to be excluded from the check, you can use the following program:


Simply enter in the characteristics that should be ignored (You can even make it specific to

just one material)

this is a pretty useful program to determine what should be considered when doing a value comparison, and don’t be surprised if you need to keep running it every time you get a new return for a while.  Just because different cstics will pop up based on what you’re returning.  Either way, this is great for material variants/variant matching, and an absolute requirement for stock transferring.

I encourage you to check it out.

Have fun…

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