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Configuring the new SAP system – Enterprise Structure

Since I’ve spent so much time working getting my new EHP4 system up and running, I thought I’d talk a little about the configuration you need.  Now if you read my last post, Transports in SAP – reusing dev and config between non-connected systems, you’ll see you can do this once and then move it around.  But, you still have to do it once.
One of the biggest pieces is the enterprise structure.  SAP provides you with one, but in general, you want a more robust structure, so you typically copy the existing one and then make changes.  SAP has an entire menu in the SPRO configuration dedicated to this.  they also have a group of transaction codes:  EC01 – EC16 (I think).  This is the shortcut.
Now to make the bare minimum, here’s what you should consider copying:
Company Code
Plant(usually do at least 2)
Sales Org
Distribution Channel
Division (usually do several of these)
Purchasing Org
Warehouse (if you use WM)
Shipping point (typically 1 or 2 per plant)
Storage Locations

Now keep in mind, even when you copy this stuff, you’ll still need to go into the assignments and make some changes.  For example, when you create a new plant (I encourage you to copy), you’ll still need to go to the enterprise structure Assignment area, and connect the plant to the new company code (same goes for the sales org, purchasing org, etc.)  Pretty much everything you need to worry about is in the enterprise structure configuration folder, but there are some exceptions.

1.  If your company code is in a different country/currency than DE, you might need to maintain the tax classifications for the material and the customer.  (this is in the Sales and Distribution–>basic functions–>tax area).  You’ll also need to turn the company code on for materials management (otherwise you can’t extend a material to the plant if it’s in a new company code).  It’s lots of effort, but when you’re done, it’s worth the work.

happy configuring..