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If you’re a sports fan like I am, Go Pack Go, you might recognize some of the familiar phrases I’ll put out here in terms of dealing with a tough loss, or even an upcoming tough game…

“sometimes a good ass kicking is what it takes to turn things around”
“it was close, they played a great game, but just couldn’t finish”
“if it wasn’t for that bad call, we would’ve won”

Isn’t it funny how we make these excuses for our favorite teams.  Would we make the same excuses for ourselves???  Do you often tell yourself, “I really needed to lose big”?  well, I can tell you, I never tell that to myself. Maybe not, but I’m sure you make similar excuses in your business world.  If you’re a sales person, how often do you justify things.  “They’ll say yes in two weeks”, “they fell on hard times, but they’ll buy when things get better”, “if only someone smarter was making the buying decisions”.  I know that I try to stay positive, but even the best of us justify failure.

Now I know, I make some of these same justifications.  We always hope they are true.  But where do you draw the line between uplifting and fairy tale?  In my world, I don’t often think about this, because I believe so fully in what I’m doing that I don’t allow myself to think otherwise.  But there are moments that I look at my blind allegiance to the Packers, and wonder if I make the same comparisons, true or false, in my own business.

Don’t worry, not giving up anytime soon 🙂  but it is important to keep a healthy perspective on everything.  Be honest with yourself, know when your criticism is valid, know what you want.  None of these are easy…  but it’s good to question.  Be faithful to your team, but be honest to your business….

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