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Well, my latest adventure, that I thought would be easy, was upgrading some of my systems.  My original plan to have my new EHP5 system up and running to do my demos for SAPPHIRE.  Well, needless to say, nothing ever goes as smooth as it is supposed to.  Now, granted, I’m no basis person, but here’s what I discovered, for any of you small businesses out there.

1.  EHP5 cannot be installed or upgraded to without Solution Manager.  This was my first issue.  I had a solman box a couple years ago, but never used it.  It was so far out of date, and not even a part of the landscape, that it really wouldn’t have mattered.  Either way, obstacle one…  get solution manager installed.

2.  This brought me to my second issue.  It turns out that you can’t use Solman to do a new installation unless it’s connected to SAPRouter.  I’ve been down this road before.  When I’ve tried to get OSS to look into some of my SAP issues, they are always telling me to connect to SAPRouter.  So I tried, until I learned you must have a dedicated static IP address.  Well, I’m a small business, so I use my home network (if you’ve seen some of my early posts, I explained the headaches I’ve gone through making SAP work on my small network).  So, now I need to get SAPRouter…

3.  Issue 3, getting a static IP address and getting it setup.  Well, it turns out, for $15/month AT&T will give you 5 addresses.  Great, problem solved???  of course not.  Getting anyone that knows how to setup Static IP has been a royal headache.  After multiple hours on the phone, and being transferred more times than I can remember.  I finally someone that could at least get me close.  I hope…  As of today, I can finally ping the static IP address.  Now, I can finally put the installation back into the hands of the professionals I hired.

I guess now I just have to wait and see if the configuration I did worked…  and what my next “opportunity” will be in this adventure.  I can’t wait till I get to try to install a HANA system 🙂

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