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Now this is something that I never really thought about until recently, but adding a simple user status profile to an existing order type is a handy trick.  My particular application is to come up with an easy way to determine if a service quote has been accepted or rejected.  There are a lot of potential ways to cover this handle this, but being able to avoid bastardizing any existing fields, or having to deal with straight text brought me to this path.

Let me give you the quick basics on how to do it yourself.

You can find this in SPRO–>Sales and Distribution–>Sales–>Sales Documents–>Define and Assign Status Profile

The first step is to create the status profile.  Check out my SM e-class if you want more details on how to do this.
Next, you need to assign this profile.  You can choose to assign it to the header or the to item.  After you make that call, simply add the profile to the field:  Status Profile

It’s that easy.

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