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Here’s part 2 of my adventure with SELECT-OPTION. Now one of the cool things that SAP did was to move to an OO programming method. However, since I got very used to SAP forms, functions and programs, I keep finding things that aren’t as easy to do with classes. SELECT-OPTION for example.
Now, what I really wanted to do was to send the select option table into a global class, so I could use it select statements and other table functions. Sounds easy, right? Well, actually it is, once you figure out how to do it.
It turns out, all you need to do is create a global structure/table type that woks as a select-option. The new trick that I learned is that there is a special function in SE11 when creating a table type that allows you to create it as a select-option table.
All you need to do is go into SE11, enter in the name of the table type, select TABLE TYPE as the object to create. Once you are in SE11, Enter in the short text, then go to the menu: edit–>Define as Ranges Table Type. This changes the inputs you’re given for creating the table type.
Enter in the data Element (MATNR for example), then enter in the name of the structure you want to create, and press create. It will automatically create the fields for your SELECT-OPTION range.
Save and activate everything. Now all you need to do is enter it into the parameter for your public class and you’re ready to go.
One last point, don’t forget when calling the class, to send it in as a table…

SELECT-OPTION: matnr FOR mara-matnr.

call method XXXX (
IT_SO_MATNR = matnr )

Anyway, that’s one of my recent discoveries. I’m learning a lot about layouts and trees currently, so there will probably be a post about some of those tricks as well.
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