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Well, last week was pretty ugly for me.  I was cranky, stressed out, unfocused…  and in general, just a bit of a mess.  I spent some time on Friday going back to the fundamentals.  So if you’ve ever watched a sports team lose, and the coach goes back to practicing the basics the following day…  well, that was me 🙂  Everything comes down to scheduling your time properly and setting the correct priorities…  let me give you an example.

I have my consulting business and my software business.  I really enjoy doing my software business, but if I don’t have my consulting, I can’t fund the dream.  What does that tell me…  whether I want to or not…  my consulting priorities have to trump the business.  I was trying to make everything a top priority, and there wasn’t enough hours in the day.  So I had to look at what I was doing, and figure out what could wait…  and what I needed to focus on this coming week.

So, I dropped the development tasks for JaveLLin for this week while I spend some extra time focusing on the major milestones I have coming up in my consulting life.  Now, if I can plow through the consulting work quickly, I can pick up the JaveLLin stuff again…  but I had to drop that to a second priority.  My own timelines are not as rigid as the my consulting timelines, and I can’t afford to provide inferior performance to my clients.  And magically, I am far less stressed this week.  Now, does it still bother me that all these things aren’t getting done?  yup… but that’s just who I am.  However, I am focused on the top priorities first now…  instead of trying to do everything at the same time.

So my advise to y’all out there…  if you start to feel stressed, take a step back, write down everything you need to get done, and add a priority.  You’ll quickly see what needs to be done vs. what you want to do 🙂

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