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I kind of had a small epiphany just the other day.  I started looking at my stack of untouched development work.  I started to feel overwhelmed and began wondering, how can I ever do all of this???  Then it started to hit, my value isn’t in the coding of all of these things, but in designing these things.  I’ve been thinking small…  I keep thinking that everything has to be designed, coded, tested and sold by me.  My realization started to take me down a different path.  What I need to be focusing on is designing what I want, writing a very solid and clear specification for it, then handing it off to a decent developer to write it.

I realized that my own micro manger has been getting in the way of my success.  There is no possible way one person can develop all the ideas I’ve jotted down.  But it doesn’t mean I can’t outsource those ideas for a small amount of cash.  I started down the right path when I first considered outsourcing some of my coding.  I quickly went to my inbox and found a friend of mine that I trust.  Then I started writing my first spec for some things I think I’ll need in the near future.  The next logical leap for me to take (and sometimes I’m a bit slow) is to focus my effort on design, and not code.

So, I think just had one of my 80/20 moments.  I can get 80% of my value, by focusing on writing the specifications, and then finding capable programmers to carry it out.  I feel like I just took a big step…  what about you?  what are you holding onto that someone else can do better?  try to find just one thing…  and start to regain some time back in your life.

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