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Well, today I’m going to talk about a recent experience that forced me change my own security.  I recently did a roadtrip with my 2 little kids (almost 5 and 2).  Well, we spent the night in a hotel, and long story short, my little boy hid my ipad under some furniture, and I didn’t know it was gone until we had driven about 3 hours away.  Well, the IPad didn’t have a password, didn’t have find my phone enabled, and also had my dropbox account, email, etc…

Well, I got my ipad back, but after that scare I realized that I was very lazy in my password selection.  My good friend Justin reminded me that my password could get hacked at any site…  and with one password, criminals out there will try every other site to see if the same password works.  Well, I was using the same password for everything.  (I know, I know…  I’m a little slow).  Thanks to Justin, I spent a day setting up a new Application called 1 Password, and resetting all of my important passwords, then I started moving onto everything else.

This is no small endeavor, but totally worth the time and effort.  Now I’m smart enough to have unique passwords for everything.  It doesn’t mean an account of mine won’t get hacked… but at least it’s not easy for someone to hack ALL of my accounts.

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