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Well, what can I say, except I hate the whole networking world lately.  Talk about a royal pain.  My new server was up and running like a dream for a while.  Then suddenly a couple weeks ago, my wireless card kept randomly disconnecting.  Of course, it happens when I go out of town.  Murphy’s law at it’s finest.  So I have my lovely wife try restarting the server.  Things seem fine, then I try to connect again an hour later, no connection.

So, I get home, spend a couple of long nights experimenting, playing, and just randomly beating my head against the wall.  I finally stumble along the issue.  Windows 8.1 doesn’t support my wireless network card yet.  Alright, so at least I have my culprit.  Not happy about it, but I have a place to start.

So I figure, I’ll just head over to Best Buy and buy myself a new card.  Not the end of the world.  I get it installed, things seem to be working alright.  I restart the system and head out to a hockey game.  I come back, the damn thing won’t work.  Now it’s a hardware issues since the light won’t even turn on in any of my systems.  Great…  so finally, go to my last resort of the Ethernet cable.  It’s the most stable, but of course, my office isn’t close to the Ethernet box.  So, now I have some extender coming (since my longest cable barely make it to the box, and it looks like I Have a tripwire in my office.  The good news, I finally have a working system that my colleagues, and most importantly, potential clients at the conference can connect to and try out our applications.  Who knew, something so simple could give me so many headaches 🙂

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