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Wow, has this turned into a royal pain, with no good solutions I might add.  Here’s the situation, I have a RFC designed to extract some data to a new IOS app I’m building.  So far so good.  In my structure, I have one field that is NUMC (it’s the IBase number).  Silly me, I thought SAP would be able to cover any of the standard data type with the EDM data type.  Well, it turns out that NUMC isn’t really covered properly by any of their scenarios and will either throw an error in the Gateway designer (SEGW), or when the actual service is called.

I spent about 4 hours digging, experimenting, and swearing, to come to this conclusion.  At the end of the day, this post is the closest answer out there.:

In a nutshell, it tells you that you have to remove the link to your structure (if you started with one) and redefine the NUMC data type to something else.  It’s not the end of the world, but it is still a hassle that SEGW or the OData can’t figure out a way to make this standard data type work.

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