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Well, in my latest experiment with making a new SAP system, I found out the value of RAM in the system.  Now, I already knew that more was better, but I guess I couldn’t really quantify it until this past week.  I started building my system on my laptop, while I was waiting for the new server to arrive.  No big deal, my laptop had 16GB of memory, so I allocated 6GB to my virtual machine.  I had my system on a USB 3.0 HDD (this part is important later) and I installed a bunch of support packs (probably around 50-60).  I had the job running, and it went for nearly 48 hours.  Not terrible.  The problem came when I left my machine within reach of my newly climbing baby girl.  She managed to pull herself up the small table my laptop was sitting at, and yank on the USB cable.  Ouch…  3 days of work down the drain.

So, having learned the hard way yet again, I moved the system to my new server.  It was finally ready and properly set up.  Since I had a lot more memory available, I bumped this system up to 10GB.  Luckily, I remembered the steps I had done the first time around, so the setup to install went much faster.  When I kicked off the support packs, I was able to finish the job in roughly 18hours.  I then installed another dozen or so, ran SGEN, and the whole process took 48hrs.

So, just a word to anyone out there with their own systems, more memory really makes a huge difference 🙂

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