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Well, I mentioned in a previous post that I was going to start experimenting with Google Adwords.  So far, I’ve seen some good and some bad parts of it.  Quite frankly, it can be very confusing.  So, here’s some of my early experiences with Adwords, and if you happen to have some pointers, please let me know =)

Adwords is very intuitive (for the most part).  You start by making an account, then you create a campaign, then you create an ad group, and finally an ad.  All and all, it’s very straightforward.  Anyone could do this, and start spending money.  Now the trick begins to occur in finer points of adwords.

First, the keywords.  This is where the first part of confusion comes in for me.  Reading the keyword page feels like a foreign language.  It has cost per click, but I’ve come to find that it isn’t necessarily true.  You can have your ad show up in a lower place, and then you don’t pay as high of a price.  Apparently, as your ads improve, you pay less as well.  I’m far from experiencing that yet 🙂  Next up, your keywords can have quotes around them “keyword” and that means an exact match only.  If you put brackets like [keyword] then it will only return if that exact phrase is encountered (I think) and finally, if you add plus signs +keyword +more, then everything with a plus sign must show up in the search.  While it doesn’t sound like rocket science, putting together the right set of keywords seems to be an art form.

Next up, the Ads.  Now this is driving me absolutely crazy right now.  I have about a dozen ads.  all of them include the term SAP, which is a trademarked term.  I get this status about it being approved (limited).  But for some reason, every new ad I’ve done since then keeps getting rejected because of a trademark term SAP.  I’m very confused.  I keep trying different variations, but so far, no luck.  If you have any suggestions how to overcome this, I’d love to hear it.

Anyway, those are my early experiences…  more to come.  Thanks for reading.


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