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You really can find inspiration from unlikely places.  Hanging at Sapphire in Orlando and it’s getting to be the end of the day.  I glance up at some big screens and see 2 “granola” looking guys on stage.  I don’t think much of it, so I find a seat and start going through some emails.  Next thing I know, I start getting sucked into this talk by these guys.  Turns out they are Bert and John from Life is Good.  I confess, I’ve seen the shirts around, but really had no idea what the appeal of them was, so like so many things in life, I dismissed it and moved on.

Listening these 2 brothers talk about how they started their t-shirt business with 25 shirts (I think).  They had no business experience and didn’t even have a plan, but they had a purpose.  They wanted to help people.  More specifically, they wanted to help kids.  They vowed to give 10% of everything they made to kids charities.  And their brand caught on.  Inevitably, you’ve seen the shirts or hats, or maybe the book.  But what inspired me is that they did it all because of a purpose.  A need to help kids.

For me, it’s a kick in the ass to figure out how I can be that passionate about something.  It’s really just finding what the passion is…  but these two brothers are living proof that helping others pays off in so many ways…  not just a good bottom line, but a sense of making a difference to people.

What’s your passion?  (I’m still looking for mine 🙂 )

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