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Do your production employees have a simple work list to use?  Can they see everything they are supposed to do?  Do they know what’s the most important task they should focus on at quick glance?  If not, you are not using your shop floor as effectively as you could.  If your shop floor personnel have to ask the supervisor, or jump through 3 or transactions in SAP to figure out that information, what is the chance they will do it every time?  The name of the game is to make the system as easy as possible, so they can focus on what they do best, make stuff.  The more time they spend in SAP, less time they spend on what is really important.


What if your shop floor personnel could log in and see this list, sort by most important at the top, and show all the information they need at a quick glance?  If you add notes to your production orders, you could also quickly double click on the X, and see exactly what the supervisor (or whomever) entered about the order.


This also applies to serial numbers, transfer requests and transfer orders.  You can pre-configure the list in the order that makes the most sense for you shop floor, and show only the columns your people care about.  If you think this could save you time, money, and make your shop floor happier, please check out this full demo for more details.

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