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Well, if you ever need to do remote work into your machine, my friend Chris found a pretty decent solution.  I had been using Gotomypc for a while, and it worked well, at a cost of $100/yr/computer.  I was keeping 3 computers updated, so ti was getting spendy.  I also used Teamviewer from time to time, and it worked great, but depending upon the network settings of the client I was working for, it wasn’t always available, while gotomypc was always working.

Then Chris told me about Chrome remote desktop.  it’s free, and so far works everywhere.  It’s been pretty solid, but there are certainly some things that worked better in gotomypc.  Here are some of the drawbacks:

  • Can get very slow, even while typing on the machine, or you might encounter sticky keys.  For example, I attempted to copy and paste something into a word document, and it pasted it about 20 times.  yikes.
  • occasionally, the mouse stops working, and the only option is disconnect and reconnect.
  • No mobile app to do a quick connect on my phone or ipad.

None of these are show stoppers for me, and if you run multiple computers, this is a great free way to handle this.  If you need a little more stability, Gotomypc is a great option, but it is $100/yr/machine.  Not super expensive, but if you need to control multiple computers, it is worth the money.

Anyway, that’s my thoughts, Thanks for reading,

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