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Well, don’t let the title fool you, losing is only temporary in my world =) (at least that’s what I’m going to believe).  Found out that a big proposal we did a while back didn’t make the cut.  So…  how do rebound from that?  Very easy…  at least this is my plan.

1.  Get as much information as you can on WHY you weren’t chosen.  I’m lucky and I’ve met my contact several times so I’m hoping he can give me some insight as to why we weren’t chosen.  There are obviously some possibilities.  Were we over priced?  would it take too long to deliver?  are we missing key functionality they needed?  are we just too small, and they didn’t feel we could support them properly?  maybe it was all of the above.  But first and foremost, getting some clues about why we were not chosen will help guide us in the future.

2.  Don’t give up.  I’m still looking at this like a “delayed” opportunity.  Some clients move quickly, others don’t.  If the prospect moves slowly, it means there’s a still a chance to get yourself into position to at least fill some gaps.  Our Rapier product is undergoing a major renovation…  when all those new pieces are in place, I plan to present them again…  maybe we can get a partial deal.  Regardless, in this business things change quickly.  If I can adapt our products quickly enough, it might get us back in the door.

3.  Learn from it.  If it’s price, well, I’ll be honest, I don’t plan to compete on price.  If it’s functionality, I know I can build it.  I just need more time…  perhaps more resources.  It would mean giving up some of my control issues on our development…  but I’m trying to let go…  its just that right now, we don’t have the budget to pay for much.  All our cash goes to tradeshows and marketing…  hard to justify another developer…  yet…  but everything will get a second a look.

4.  Stay positive.  I was beaten down this morning when I found out…  it was already monday, and I was exhausted from traveling.  Finding out the big proposal wasn’t going to happen  really was a kick in the teeth.  But I started to look for the positives.  Still can try for a partial sale, maybe it was too custom to be reused, the prospect moves slowly, which gives us time to adapt…  Above all, stick with it.  I still believe in my heart we are about to turn the corner on this endeavor.  The instant I stop believing that is the instant we fail.

Anyway, like everything, we are constantly learning.  So take it from me, inside of every kick in the teeth is the wisdom  you need to take that next big step.  Ours is coming soon =)

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