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So if I just wish hard enough, will it happen?  How does the old saying go, wish in one hand, S*#t in the other, see which one fills up first.  🙂

the answer to that is obviously no, so what do you do to get that next sale.  Since I’m no expert, I just keep doing what other successful people are doing.  the first thing we are focusing on this year is trade shows.  There is a big SAP MFG conference in March this year that we are shelling out big bucks to be a part of.  We’re investing a lot in this because this is where our potential customers will be.  So if we can showcase what we have, we stand to collect a lot of business.

The second thing, invest in our product offering.  I’ve been spending a crazy amount of time building our super production application.  this is where I have to trust my partner.  I’m not a production guy, but he is.  He says, if we build this, they will come (and spend a lot of money on it).  In addition, I’m upgrading my original application to Web Dynpro.  Even if people don’t need it, they love the latest and greatest.  While Web Dynpro has been around for a while, it’s still relatively new for many customers.  So why not try to wow them with fancy buzz words 🙂

Finally, keep on keeping on…  I’ll continue to write my blog posts, I’ll continue sending out emails, I’ll continue building bigger and better auto-responders to find more 2nd customers.  And most of all, I’ll keep working…  So while I might take tonight off to enjoy time with friends, rest assured, I won’t be taking many nights off for a while.  If want to make it, you gotta work your ass off for a while…  then you can relax (just a little).

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