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One of my favorite tools when I’m developing is transaction SE30, ABAP Runtime Analysis.  I’ve been using this a lot more lately in an attempt to optimize my code in my Service Management Dashboard.  Whenever you deal with a dashboard, you are always hitting a lot of different tables, as well as implementing a lot of different code.  Using SE30 is a great way to quickly see the biggest pain points in your code.  Let me walk you through the basics of using it.

I’ve highlighted the 4 biggest fields you need to enter to execute it.

1.  Description
2. Transaction/Program/Function Module – I’m a fan of transaction whenever it’s available, but pick what you have.
3.  Execute Button – press when you populated everything else.
4.  Variant if you have one.

Press execute button, and you’ll see your program/transaction.  Execute all the steps you want to analyze.  Be careful with this step.  You maybe want to pinpoint certain parts of the transaction, and if you click too many options your results could be scewed.

When you’re done, you’ll this on the bottom.  Press Evaluate, and now you can start the real work.

This next screen will show you where all the work is, is it in ABAP, the Database, or the system.
PRess F5 to start the hit list.

Now, here’s all the information.  The column I tend to pay the most attention to Net %.  I will typically sort on this column to see where the worst performing code is.  Now you do need to be aware, that a lot of times your problems can be “obscured” if you code is too modular.  You may simply see that most of the time is in one function call or one method call.  So you may need to “throw” those numbers out and pay attention to next items on the list.  But i’m sure you’ll figure that out quick enough
Thanks for reading.

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